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Big Head Soccer Unblocked

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Big Head Soccer Unblocked is a game that allows you to feel like you are in the Premier League. You can play it for free. The game simulates a real season of soccer. You can choose a team and a player. Just like in real life, some players are not as good as others. Don’t worry. You will be able to upgrade your player, using the money from the matches you win. The more games you win, the more skillful and powerful your player gets. Then you can become the best player in the league. Invite your friends to play against you. The game has a multiple player mode. Make sure you don’t get too emotional though the game is too real. Shake hands with your friends at the end, no matter how the game goes. There are three main leagues: Amateur, Minor and Major. Every league has 18 matches. When you start, you are at the 10th place. The last match is the most important one. It is your last chance to become the best player in the league. To unlock any of the leagues, you will need to fulfill certain requirements. To unlock the Minor league, you will have to be the best player in the previous Amateur league. Another option is paying 100,000 points. The price for unlocking the Major league is even higher than that – 300,000 points. Otherwise, you have to win the best player title in the previous Minor league. Don’t expect to have everything at once. You will improve your skills and reaction speed as you proceed from one level to the next one. You will see that some teams are better than others for certain leagues. You will learn from your experience and mistakes. See you in the Major league!

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